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MHM Remodeling was recommended to us by a granite contractor. We called Mike Stathos, checked his website, were impressed with the pictures of his work and also learned one of our neighbors had used Mike’s services to remodel her master bath. She gave him a 5 star recommendation, So we met and hired Mike to, first, remodel our guest bathroom and if we liked it, then we would consider including the master bath/dressing room and kitchen areas. We have lived in our home since 1981 and this was our first major renovation, so knew we needed someone who was experienced and flexible enough to handle unexpected structural challenges as well as providing us with new facilities with a definite “WOW” factor. Mike promised that he and Nate would be here on time every day, work diligently, clean up daily and stay on our job full time and continuously until finished to our satisfaction. And they did! Mike is a perfectionist and demands the same high standards of his sub-contractors: cabinetry, granite, tile and floor installers. The guest bathroom was completed first-rate and definitely sold us on continuing with MHM. In fact, we added all the other areas, plus the foyer, half-bath, breakfast and laundry rooms to the list. The new master bath includes one of the classiest new walk-in showers you will ever see. We weren’t sure to what extent we wanted our kitchen remodeled. Mike suggested options and improvements, led us through our doubts and produced a beautiful result. Check the granite rainforest counter tops,back splashes and beautiful new custom-built cabinets in the picture section. Wow! Mike is an expert plumber, electrician and carpenter – he does it all! He rebuilt our substandard bath floors and walls before adding his touch for a gorgeous result. He removed a wall and raised a ceiling to open the kitchen. We are very pleased. Everyone involved in our project, which took more than three months, was professional and provided us top quality work. If you want a confident, proficient professional, call Mike Stathos and give him the opportunity to make you happy with your remodeling project.

Mr. & Mrs. Schaaf

We contacted MHM Remodeling when we became aware that our master bathroom needed some attention. Mike was just one of the contractors we contacted to get an estimate on the bathroom. The only area which all the contractors were similar was in the estimate. We selected Mike for a variety of reasons; the main reason was we perceived a great deal of pride in his work. We were not disappointed. Mike and his partner Nate were professional, dedicated, hard working, all the qualities that one would hope to find in a contractor. But Mike and Nate also had other qualities not seen often in contractors. For example, early in our job, Mike discovered a large, wet sink hole near the tub drain. Mike did not hesitate to inform me of this issue. We were able to get someone out to look at it the next day and no major issues were discovered, but Mike didn’t have to alert us to this issue. If there was a major concern with our slab, it could have delayed the job for months, but Mike was concerned about our house, not the potential delay. Later in the job, Mike laid the shower floor tile and was not happy with the way it looked. It was a square tile and our walls were not square. It looked off. He brought it to our attention and we decided to select a new tile and remove the square tile. Mike brought this to our attention because he wanted it to be perfect. These two situations help to exemplify Mike’s character. The work he completed in our bathroom was perfect. He was a great resource in finding correct materials and was very knowledgeable of all aspects of the job to be completed. Each day, he left our house clean and made sure that our house was safe for our three curious kids. He kept us informed on the progress of the job and what was coming next. Overall, we were extremely pleased with our decision to go with MHM Remodeling. It was a pleasure to work with Mike and Nate and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Jenn and Traci

If you are looking for someone to handle your bathroom remodel, stop wasting time calling different contractors and getting numerous bids like I did and just go ahead and hire Mike Stathos with MHM Remodeling to do the job! Mike did a fabulous job on our master bathroom coming in on time and under budget. Mike has an eye for what will work well in your particular circumstance both from a functional as well as esthetic perspective and is extremely conscientious about getting even the smallest details right. That was very helpful to me since I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. His suggestions were excellent and I am extremely happy with the end result. He doesn’t mark up the price of materials and gives you all the receipts so you can have the comfort of knowing that you got what you paid for. On top of all this I would say the greatest benefit to hiring MHM is that not only do they do it all, they do it all so well! This includes the design work, the plumbing, carpentry, tile, painting and all the finish work. As a result, you don’t have different workers coming into your house every day or end up having to wait because a sub is tied up on another job. Mike is totally trust worthy so I felt comfortable having him work in my home even when I wasn’t there. Bottom line is Mike is a skilled craftsman that cares about making his customer happy with his work not only immediately following job completion but for years afterward. I would have zero hesitation in recommending Mike to anyone and without a doubt will call him back for any remodels that I might have in the future.

Judy Johnson

Our bathroom is awesome and we absolutely love it! Mike’s quality of workmanship and attention to detail are unmatched. MHM truly cares about your project and will do everything possible to ensure that your expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Mike was a big help in planning our project and ensuring there were no surprises for us. He kept in constant communication on all issues, big and small, and made sure we came in under budget. We could not be happier with our bathroom and definitely recommend Mike and team!

Dale Young Round Rock, TX

I have used MHM for several projects and found myself in possession of extra granite after having my bathroom remodeled. Therefore, I asked Mike if he thought there was enough left to do my kitchen surfaces. He measured and found that we had enough, so we scheduled the job and from beginning to end the job lasted only 4 days. They did their usual excellent job, so I’m thinking of remodeling my other bathroom. The only company I trust with my home is MHM, so I’ll be calling Mike again when I decide what I want to do next.

D.W. Swinney

MHM Remodeling did an excellent job completing a 2nd story hallway bathroom renovation project for us. This renovation project was initiated due to a slow leak in the bathroom that was caused by the builder’s poor workmanship. Unfortunately, the builder’s short warranty has already expired when the leak manifested itself. So MHM Remodeling’s three year warranty was very appealing to me.

Mike and his team came into the project after it was started by a contractor that could not finish the job. He reviewed the work that was completed by the previous contractor and corrected the work that would negatively impact the quality of the final product. He even improved on the floor framing that the builder had installed!

Dave, the tile guy, did an excellent job with tiling the shower and the bathroom floor! One can easily see the pride that he has in his tile work. He even went the extra mile and sealed the grout for us.

Overall my experience with MHM Remodeling is very positive. They are on-time and stays with their committed schedule. Their workmanship is top quality. Their three year warranty will definitely help me to sleep better at night! I would definitely hire MHM Remodeling for my next bathroom remodeling project.

Amy Maniatis. Austin, TX

I now have a luxurious custom bathroom in my home thanks to MHM Remodeling/Mike Stathos! My project was completed on time, even though we added painting a very large adjoining bedroom/ceiling to the project. Mike was in constant communication with me during the 4-week project and worked through issues that stemmed from original construction. He went above and beyond to ensure that the finished project was perfect. His attention to detail and very high quality work shows in every aspect of the finished bathroom. David Smith’s tiling skills make the bath, shower and floor a work of art. Definitely Tile King! The greatest compliment and testimony one can give a vendor is to refer them to friends – and I have done that twice!

Thank you, Barb Hoelzer Austin, TX

Before I moved into my home, MHM remodeled my bathroom to make it more ‘adult’ friendly. Over the years that I’ve lived here, I decided that I just didn’t care much for a bathtub and wanted to turn my tub into a shower. With Mike and David’s expert help in design, workmanship and determination, my dream bath became the reality I never expected. Without adding extra footage I was able to gain much more storage space with well placed custom cabinetry. My new shower is definitely more spacious than the former tub; so much so that I find myself taking multiple showers a day just to be able to enjoy my new space. I would highly recommend MHM for any and all of your bathroom remodeling needs. I would in fact use them for any project around the house as I find their honesty and ability a rare and genuine asset.

D.W. Swinney Round Rock, TX

My master bath is GORGEOUS! I had previously chosen completely different floor and wall tile, and changed my mind as Mike was finishing my boys’ bathroom. (See review below.) He was instrumental in helping me select the tile, and then went above and beyond when we found out how difficult it was going to be to install resin-backed white onyx. Mike researched the material and found just the right backing and grout to turn a stack of tile into the most amazing bathroom I’ve ever seen. I trust Mike 110%. How many of you reading this review have felt that way about a contractor? He figures out how to do things the best way possible, and then he does it. Every single day I walk into my master bathroom and am thankful that I found him. If I had installed the tile I had originally purchased, I know I wouldn’t have liked it. Now my 33-yr-old bathroom looks like a Roman Spa, and there isn’t a single thing that I wish I had done differently. As I said on my previous review, if you are anxious about picking a contractor, put your trust in Mike. He does all the work himself, and he knows what he is doing. You will not be disappointed in your results. Best wishes to you!

Wendy Hobbs, Austin, TX

Mike and MHM Remodeling have restored my faith in contractors. He, Nathan and Reggie completely transformed my second bathroom into a work of art. Mike is a truly honest man who does all the work himself, from beginning to end. I’ve never know anyone so accomplished in so many areas. What I love about him is that he will patiently talk with you and listen to what you want the finished product to look like. But I highly recommend that you ask his opinion. He is very humble about not being a designer, but his advice was invaluable. The artful way that he placed the tile blew me away. He arrives on time every day, cleans up before he leaves, and doesn’t mark up the materials he uses. He is almost done with my master bath remodel, and I already want him back for my future kitchen redo. If you are nervous about choosing a contractor, please don’t hesitate to book Mike and MHM. I have friends who are currently regretting who they chose. Mike was the 9th contractor I interviewed, and I feel supremely lucky to have made the right choice. Good luck to you with your remodel!

Wendy Hobbs

One of the principle reasons we hired MHM Remodeling was the confidence that Mike would do the work himself and that he knew what he was doing. Mike and his helper, Nathan, displayed an exemplary work ethic by being on time, staying late when required and always working hard.

Mike’s choice of vendors helped us keep the final tally close to his estimate while not sacrificing quality. In fact, we were impressed with how accurate his labor and materials estimate actually was. He was a sounding board for our ideas, told us what was feasible, what was practical, and what would break the budget. He expressed his opinion, was forthright with his answers to our questions, and above all, he was honest. The finished bathroom is so stunning that no one would know that the project was plagued with challenges from Day One. The obstacles came from existing framing, to incorrect supplies, and, occasionally, an owner with “new ideas”. Mike overcame each problem as it was encountered. His meticulous attention to detail, his experience, and his skilled craftsmanship enabled him to produce a quality product that expertly blended form and function. Mike takes pride in his work. It is refreshing to find a business owner who is accountable for the work he does and who cares about satisfying his customer. We highly recommend MHM Remodeling and we look forward to working with Mike again in the future.

J. Carr

Mike masterfully turned what once was a forgotten, unfinished bathroom into a sparkling little gem of a room. His skill and experience took my vision and turn it into a reality. He had to work within a tight time frame, with a tight budget, and in a very tight space and faced challenge after challenge head on. Mike’s attention to detail during every phase of the project, from conception to cleanup, is unparalleled. The result of his craftsmanship is a crisp, sparkly, happy little bathroom that pictures can not capture.

D. Carr

I called MHM Remodeling because my master bathroom needed a facelift. The shower was too cramped and there was not enough cabinet space. MHM Remodeling really opened up my bathroom. They were able to make the square footage seem a lot bigger. The guys were very nice and easy to communicate with about my ideas for the remodel. They were clean and respectful of my home. My new shower is great!

Jenny Goddard

Our Master Bathroom is a wonderful sanctuary, but our huge walk-in shower was an eyesore. After some setbacks due to our shower being out of square, Mike transformed it from a builder-grade white box to a masterpiece which we’re proud to show off! He does beautiful work and is very conscientious. Thanks Mike!

Pam B. Cedar Park, TX

Mike just completed our Master Bath remodel on time and on budget. This is a recurring theme in the testimonials and exactly what I hoped for! In the initial stages of the project Mike spent as much time as I needed to feel comfortable about the design and the process. He offered lots of design alternatives in various price ranges. Mike is experienced, professional, reliable and has a tremendous work ethic. He actually does what he says he’s going to do. Mike won our business because of the high level of individual attention he brought to the job. By focusing on one job at a time he and his team are able to deliver a high quality end result, in a relatively short time, at a reasonable price. Mike is a meticulous perfectionist and it shows in his work. Our bathroom is beautiful! Our shower was inspired by one we had in a condo on a recent vacation. Now – everyday feels like a vacation! I love it and have begun to scour my budget to find the cash to do the other bathroom. Needless to say I am very pleased and would highly recommend Mike and his team to others for their remodels. Thank you again Mike and Nate!

David and Ann Boswell Austin, TX

M.H.M Remodeling did a great job with our master bath remodel. Mike helped us make design decisions early on in the project which significantly improved the final result. He was flexible and accommodating as we moved through the various stages of the project, and would take the time to review the progress with us at the end of each day. Mike gave us advice on how to save money on materials, and recommended vendors where we could get the best prices. The fact that he didn’t dictate suppliers or mark up materials made us very comfortable. We came in under our budget and right on time. He was very reliable and punctual, and I would recommend him to others looking to remodel their homes.

Brian Betts Austin, TX

Congratulations on the excellent job in remodeling our master bathroom. The care, vision, and craftsmanship you displayed in completing the substantial, and sometimes intricate, overhaul of the area was masterful. We also appreciated your honesty, integrity, and sensitivity to our pocketbook. In particular, the fact that you were personally on the job and willing to take time to explain options was a real plus. Also, you did what you said you would do when you said you would do it, and that made our life significantly less hectic during the project. Since this was a complete remodel and it would take several pages to describe, just let us say that we would bring you back for work in a second and recommend you without hesitation.

Jonnie and Tom Anderson Austin, TX

Mike and his crew do quality work. He was a man of his word and delivered on all promises. I intend to use him again on future projects.

Rick L. Austin, TX

Mike was great as was the quality of his work! On time, on budget and an enjoyable experience. I will highly recommend Mike to anyone requiring repair or remodeling.

Karen S. Austin, TX

They came out and replace my back door/install a dog door as well as refinish my front door. They were very flexible on schedule, worked with me to choose/obtain materials, they were pleasant and professional, and the work was great. My new door/casing looks as if they have always been there. I will definitely use this company again.

Jennifer Austin, TX

“M.H.M Remodeling renovated our entire home and remodeled both of our bathrooms. They have done various job’s since then and each time the results were fantastic. Mike was on time and worked well with my schedule. We didn’t even have to move out while the renovation was in progress.”

Neil E. Round Rock TX

Mike remodeled a bathroom for us last year: we literally took the room down to the studs and replaced everything. When he bid the job, Mike told me that he knew exactly waht we wanted – as it turned out, he knew even better than we did. He made several suggestions that really made a difference in the look of the room. His attention to detail and superior workmanship really shows in the finished room. Also, he finished exactly when he said he would, and for the price we agreed upon. I have used his services since the remodel for another job, and would highly recommend the company to anyone. Mike is truly a very talented professional and working with him was a very pleasant and rewarding experience.

Randy R Austin, TX

The work you did siding my house is perfection and the windows look great. I’m passing your number to all my friends. Thank you for all you’re hard work.

Robert & Kim Austin, TX

I would recommend M.H.M.Remodeling to anyone needing to remodel their home. They did a great job in my bathroom.

Lisa Webb, Round Rock, TX

“The job was completed on schedule with no hidden surprises or delays. The crew offered experience and insight into our design ideas. We are very pleased with the outcome of the project.”

Brian Logsdon, Austin, TX

We had a guest bathroom in desperate need of a complete remodel. Not only did it have carpeting, it had a lovely flower wallpaper and border. After a brief discussion of our vision for the bathroom and the changes we wanted to make, the project kicked off and never looked back. Each day Mike and Curtis were on time and dedicated to our project. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship definitely shows through in the finished project. We are now really enjoying a completely new bathroom and have the piece of mind of knowing that no corners were cut and everything was done by the book. I would not hesitate to call on MHM Remodeling again for our next project. The combination of honesty, hard work and craftsmanship is tough to find and they have it. Thank you Mike and Curtis!

Dan Berra, Austin, Tx

MHM Remodeling did an excellent job for us. They provided exceptional customer service from start to finish. In the planning phase they were available to answer questions and provide guidance and suggestions. During the project, they ensured we were completely satisfied with the quality of the work. We also appreciated their attention to detail and exceptional customer service. They arrived on time each day, cleaned up the work site at the end of each day, and completed the project ahead of schedule. We highly recommend them, and would definitely use them for future projects.

Michael & Sheri Hudanick Austin,TX

Mike Stathos of MHM Remodeling recently completed the partial remodel of the master bathroom in our condo in Lago Vista, coming in on time, on budget and with an excellent quality of work. He was attentive and returned calls immediately and gave the job his personal attention, avoiding moving on to other jobs or customers during our weeklong job. I would recommend his work and will hire him again for a bathroom remodel in the future.

Susan Stotesbery Lago Vista, TX

We recently had our old fashioned tub/shower combination removed and replaced with a new tiled shower stall. Mhm remodeling did the work for us and did a beautiful job. I really didn’t think the new shower would make that much difference, but what a change. The bath looks totally modern now and is truly a work of art. Mike was so easy to work with even when we changed our minds in the middle of the project and decided to replace the floor too. Thank you, mhm remodeling, for a job well done!

Mr. and Mrs. Frost Lago Vista, TX

We hired MHM Remodeling after living through a nightmare with a previous remodeling group. Mike came in and finished the project they messed up and our second bathroom with no problem. The project was on time and on budget. I would recommend Mike and MHM Remodeling to anyone looking for a quality job at a great price. We will definitely be using them in the future. Thank you so much!

Mr. and Mrs. Thomason Austin, TX

“Words can never express the depth of my appreciation for the phenomenal job done by Mike in our master shower remodel and second bath retiling. He provided detailed bids, shared meticulous records, informed me during each phase of the projects, completed the jobs on time, and did an amazing transformation in the two rooms at a reasonable price. His work ethic and integrity restored my faith as I had been burned by another remodeler in the past. I’d hire Mike again in a heartbeat. I’ve told others of his professionalism and highly recommend his services.”

Debby Ewald Austin, TX

My wife and I have been most impressed with the remodeling project Mike and his competent team completed on our master bathroom.

Mike proved to be a very creative master craftsman. He listened carefully to my wife’s ideas, and made excellent suggestions. We wanted our shower enclosure to be glass, but not see-through. Mike suggested a wide horizontal glass etching with clear glass above and below on the shower enclosure,which offered privacy, yet maintained a visually spacial quality with a clear view of the unique shower floor of flat rock composition. A very pleasing combination.

Mike’s estimates of cost and time for the remodeling were very accurate and well documented. Mike had several contractors and suppliers, and he coordinated their operations very carefully so that no time was wasted, and costs were kept minimum. He only used high quality sub-contractors; and he carefully explained operations of some of the unique fixtures so that we have had no problems.

Mike’s preparation of our house entrances and floors for transport of bathroom articles and construction materials to be installed was exceptional; so that no damage to floors and walls could occur. He carefully cleaned all areas, inside and outside, afterward to leave no unnecessary trace of the remodeling work. The bathroom was left perfectly clean and sparkling; and Mike returned to check for assurances that we had no questions or problems with fixtures, He takes pride in his craft; and his team was quite efficient, cordial, and careful in their efforts.

We have had multiple moves, and in some situations, house repairs or renovations; and we have never worked with a better remodeling or renovating company. Mike was constantly giving us good advice about fixtures, remodeling techniques, and unique layouts such as an efficiently placed shower bench with easy access to all shower fixtures. Remodeling and renovations can be difficult, invasive and unpleasant. Mike made the experience as pleasant and as undisturbed as possible. We have never had a better experience in such situations.

Dick and Pat Lawrence

If you’re looking for a real professional and honest contractor, designer, carpenter, electrician, and plumber that comes as an “all in one”, then Mike Stathos is your man! My husband and I couldn’t be more pleased at the fine quality of workmanship that Mike and his assistant Nate did with our master and hall bathrooms. Our master bath didn’t come without problems but Mike knew how to rectify each and every one of them. Every wrong from previous work done was made right and to perfection. It’s very reassuring to know that the interior bones of your bathroom are just as sound and strong as the exterior. Mike made sure of that!

He always openly communicated every major step and procedure with us making sure we understood the implications and alternatives. He provided various design options for both bathrooms and took our needs into consideration at all times. At the end of every week we were provided with a Material Expense Sheet and receipts so we always had a handle on where our money was being spent. We definitely felt a sense of security knowing that we were in good hands with Mike.

Despite all the work that comes with remodeling two bathrooms, Mike still made time to install two new exterior doors for us, four new interior doors, and widen two doorways in the hall bath; still in keeping to his schedule and without sacrificing the quality of any of his work. We were also grateful for the way both Mike and Nate would stop what they were doing at a moment’s notice to address other issues that would come up concerning our home. Who could ask for more than that!

Mike is an artist at what he does. He has a keen eye for walking into a room and seeing exactly how to transform it into something beautiful. He is a real miracle worker in our book, and comes with very high recommendations from both my husband and me.

Sharon and Mike Maynard Buda, TX

A sure sign that a customer is pleased with a vendor is when the customer returns. We just had our second (this time a guest bathroom) remodeled using MHM Remodeling/Mike Stathos and his assistant, Nate. Mike is dependable, full of ideas, and does great quality workmanship. He goes the extra mile, as he even found a soap dish to match my contemporary classy beach themed bathroom. Check out our master bathroom remodel from early

2011 to see our other fantastic transformation. You can’t go wrong with MHM Remodeling!

Barb & Tom Hoelzer Austin, TX

We lucked out when we found Mike at MHM. The project could not have gone more smoothly. Mike and Nate really are masters at their jobs, and very professional. They showed up on time each morning and did a great job of finishing everything they set out to do each day. They took good care to protect the rest of our house while they worked, and spent time making everything neat and tidy before they left. Of course there were unexpected surprises (the demo phase was an archaeological dig, uncovering layers of bad decisions and shoddy work done in the past), but Mike made it easy to understand the issues and the options.

We would recommend MHM without hesitation. It’s worth every penny of a very fair price. Our bathroom cost a little over what we originally budgeted only because we ended up choosing higher-priced materials, which was possible to do because Mike doesn’t add a mark-up. Our favorite things are the Casamood tile behind the bathtub (and how Mike arranged the pieces) and the bianco antico granite countertops.

Thank you Mike & Nate! We’ll see you again soon for the next bathroom renovation!

The Benedicts Austin, TX

We’re very pleased with our new master bathroom. The entire job took just a little over 3 weeks & included new cherry wood custom cabinets, travertine tile in a brick-lay pattern, Jetta soaker tub, Delta fixtures, wallpaper removal and Santa Cecilia granite. In addition to the high quality installation job, Mike was very helpful when it came to making design decisions. For example, we went with tile baseboards instead of wood, used pencil tile to outline the edges of the tile and replaced the window ledges with granite. Mike has a wealth of knowledge and we appreciated his advice on many aspects of the project.

The job went smoothly from start to finish. We had no apprehension about providing Mike with access to our house on days we could not stay at home. Mike & his partner let themselves in, worked a full day & then locked up before leaving. At times it was hard to believe we were undergoing a major remodeling project because they always cleaned up the work areas before leaving for the day. We also appreciate the way Mike kept us informed on all phases of the project.

The tile installation is beautiful & the attention to detail is very evident. For example, the tile was laid under the doorjamb instead of cut to fit around it. We were also impressed by the meticulous paint job. We appreciated the fact there were no hidden costs. Mike’s labor cost are listed separately from the material costs. This gave us flexibility to control the costs by upgrading or downgrading our selections. We paid the vendors directly for the granite, tile, fixtures, tub & shower enclosure. Again, we’re very pleased with our new bathroom & highly recommend M.H.M Remodeling for any remodeling work.

Duane Batiste

Mike: Alice and I want to thank you for a job well done on the remodel of our two bathrooms. The job went very smooth and when finished you cleaned up all of the construction site and looked as if nothing had happened until you stepped into the bathrooms. What a difference, bright, clean and fresh. Thanks for a job well done!

Mr. & Mrs. Knight

My Master bath and Hall bath remodels are absolutely stunning and beyond my expectations. Mike’s attention to detail and quality craftsmanship are second-to-none; I have never had a contractor pay as much attention to details as he does. I completely trusted Mike and his assistant to be in my house while I was at work – and I even took a 10 day vacation in the middle of the installation. When I was out of town, in particular, Mike sent me text messages and pictures of the progress so I could stay involved in the process and answer his questions. Mike found a few issues with the original construction in my Master bath, and he gave me the option to fix the issues and get them up to code – and I agreed. When he got to installing the tile, Mike took particular care and planned how he would install it to minimize partial tile pieces and extra cuts. Mike also had some excellent design suggestions, and I agreed with most all of them – except for his suggestion that I consider changing the shower tile (and in the end he really liked my original shower tile choice!). Mike always made it clear that while he had several suggestions, it was always my choice – and it was. Overall, I would recommend MHM Remodeling to my friends – and I already have!

I hope you and Nate are doing fine. Karen


Naomi & I really appreciate the effort, professionalism, and attention to detail

You gave to every aspect to our master bath project. It is truly everything we hoped

for and more. We look forward to many years of use and enjoyment. Thank you for turning our plans into reality.

Randy & Naomi Austin, TX

Mike Stathos and Nate, his assistant, remodeled our master bathroom and did a masterful job. I chose MHM Remodeling, because I liked the fact that Mike only charges for his company’s labor and passes on the discount he gets for materials to the client. By the way, I recommend you get top quality hardware for your remodel and not that which you can get from discount stores, because the labor charge is the largest part of the bill, and you’re only going to do this remodel once. Mike made a fair estimate for the expected remodel. Unfortunately, there were a number of problems with our house that prolonged the time it took to complete the job and added significantly to the cost. Mike provided solutions to the problems and let me decide which options to take. Mike stays with the current job until the remodel is complete. I’ve heard horror stories from neighbors of contractors not showing up for weeks at a time, but that is not the case with MHM Remodeling. Nate arrives around 7:30 AM each weekday morning to get things started.

There were a number of decisions to make concerning the normal remodeling work, and Mike provided his assessment of which approach to take. My wife first wanted a shower floor tile which is more suited to a flat floor. Mike told us the problems with our choice, and how it would require additional work to assure square walls, and how it would affect the look of the grout lines on the floor. My wife and I finally decided on a stone pebble floor that makes us both happy. Mike did not do the glass and granite work, but ensured that the work the subcontractors did met his exacting standards. For example, the glass shower door that the subcontractor provided had about a 3/8 inch gap. Mike would not accept it until it had no more than a 1/8 inch gap. Moreover, Mike did additional work to ensure that the tub granite was on a solid wooden structure with a 3/4 inch plywood base, not just a set of 2×4 studs.

By the way, unless you’re a professional carpenter, electrician, tiler, painter, or plumber, I highly recommend you let Mike do all of the work on your project. You’ll be glad you did.

My wife and I love our new master bathroom and plan to have MHM Remodeling remodel our guest bathroom in the fall. Note that, because of the high quality of work that MHM Remodeling does, they are always booked up three to four months in advance. So if you want them to do remodeling for you, get in their queue now.

Roe and Trudy Croes

OMG we love our bathroom! It came out so much better than we dreamed it would. Mike did such a great job from beginning to end! He was there for us all the way through. His wealth of experience and expertise was invaluable as we shopped for our granite, tile, fixtures and tub. Being the perfectionist he is fit right in with my husband’s personality. Everything Mike did was perfect and the contractors he uses know they have to be perfect as well. When things didn’t go quite as planned, as some parts of a remodel always do, he calmed us down and worked it all out. We felt so comfortable with Mike and his wonderful assistant that we even went on a trip right in the middle of everything. It was fun to come back and see all the work that had been accomplished. And one of the best things about using Mike is that he’ll be there for us if we need anything in the future. Whether it’s for something to do with the bathroom or a new project, he’ll be there to help us out.

Thanks Mike!!

Lisa and Steve Simmons

We love our bathroom! Mike did an excellent job from start to finish. He kept in contact with us in the weeks before the job started to assist in our fixture / tile / granite choices and maintained the same level of contact throughout the entire job. He took great care of our home and the job site was neat and clean everyday when we got home from work. The finished product far exceeded our expectations – our bathroom looks like it belongs in a magazine. We would not hesitate to use MHM Remodeling for any other remodel job we needed done.

The Ackerman's

Mike just finished a complete remodel of my kitchen, large walk-in pantry, and breakfast room. Having previously done my boys’ bathroom and my master bath and vanity rooms (see my other reviews below), I had no doubt who would be doing my kitchen when it came time. I finally couldn’t stand my old kitchen anymore and, boy, did Mike turn it into another work of art. If you’re reading this, you’re not sure if you should use Mike and M.H.M. Remodeling. Just look at the photos of my kitchen and go pick up the phone! Mike doesn’t just do what you ask, that would NOT have resulted in the masterpiece my kitchen is now. He gives his opinion and advice every step of the way, if you ask him. If you see a trend in all Mike’s reviews, it’s this: “Mike Stathos changed my renovation for the better.” We all say it because it’s true. What more could you want in a contractor? Mike doesn’t just grab the next floor tile in the box. He puts each tile in the most artful place, creating a pattern and flow on the floor that holds its own against a gorgeous stained-glass backsplash. I walk into my kitchen every day and am thrilled beyond belief. I wouldn’t change a single thing. Mike is honest, fair, talented, and booking him is the best thing that will ever happen to your house. (But I’ve got him next January for my foyer, hallways, and laundry room….see you then, Mike!) Best of luck to you and your renovation!

W. Hobbs

There seems to be a common theme in the testimonials for MHM Remodeling and that is how thoroughly pleased people are that they made the wise decision to hire MHM for their remodeling needs. I am certainly no exception to that rule. Although I loath the mere thought of remodeling, there finally came a point in my life that I hated my bathroom even more. So, I called Mike and he told me what I would need to do and what I would need to buy before the remodel could begin. He has excellent sources for supplies. One person I would like to thank is Wendy Hobbs, and that is for making my tile choice so easy. Wendy, your onyx bathroom is gorgeous and a testament to your fabulous taste. You can see it on this website.
Working with Mike every day was a pleasure. He kept me well informed of each day’s project and even though he did the job alone, he was able to finish on time with amazing progress made each day. I admire Mike’s dedication to each task he undertakes and his willingness to answer my sometimes inane questions. I had a basic idea of what I wanted and Mike turned my ‘basics’ into beauties. He uses only top-notch contractors; those that are able to meet his and his customer’s needs. I am amazed at the craftsmanship that Aaron, with Central Texas Custom showed in creating my custom, burled maple cabinetry. He is yet another artist in his own right. And then there is Jose, with Austin Granite Direct; another master at his craft. I would have to say that if I ever have another remodeling project, I would definitely hire Mike and MHM Remodeling. His honesty and dedication to his craft are above reproach and I highly recommend him for all of your remodeling needs.

Karen S. Round Rock, TX

Our experience with Mike Stathos and MHM Remodeling was excellent. Mike was very thorough in his estimate and in explaining all of the work that would be done. He was very proactive in communicating any changes or issues that came up, and offered ideas and solutions for how to address them. Mike was very conscientious about his schedule and in keeping the work area (and our home) as neat and clean as possible. MHM Remodeling did a great job in bringing our design vision to reality, and we are very satisfied with the outcome of the project.

C. Phillips Austin, TX

Mike remodeled our master bath in 2013 and we were very pleased with his work. I know he doesn’t typically work on fireplaces, but he was one of the first people I called. Fortunately, he was able to work on our fireplace in between his other projects. We had a general idea of how we wanted the fireplace to look & sent Mike a picture. We used the picture as a starting point and worked with Mike until we came up with a final design. As with our bathroom remodel, Mikes experience and advice was invaluable in helping us with color, design and material choices. The fireplace turned out great!

My wife & I are very pleased with our fireplace remodel and highly recommend Mike for your next remodeling project.

D. Batiste Austin, TX

We contacted MHM Remodeling when we finally decided to remodel our master bathroom and guest bathrooms. Mike was just one of the contractors we contacted to get an estimate on the bathrooms. We contacted several contractors, and all gave very similar estimates, Mike wasn’t the most expensive or the cheapest. We selected Mike for several reasons; the main reason was that he seemed very particular about his work and he would be doing it, not a subcontractor. He made it very clear that we see him every day working on our bathrooms. We were pleasantly surprised to see that this was the case. Mike is very meticulous about his work, in one instance he let us know that the wall on one side of the tub was going to be an eighth of an inch off and was worried about how we wanted him to correct it. Mike did a superior job on both bathrooms, the level of workmanship is unmatched by anyone. We think both bathrooms are awesome and wondered why we didn’t remodel them sooner, and the reason was, you worry about the quality of work you’re going to get, and whether you picked the right contractor. MHM Remodeling is the right contractor, Mike and his partner Nick were dedicated, professional, and hard working, all the qualities that one would hope to find in a contractor. Mike and Nick also had another quality not often seen in contractors, they are trustworthy. Several times during our remodel we had to go out of town, but had the peace of mind knowing that when we returned, everything would still be in its place. Each day he left our house, he made sure that everything was neat and clean. They also took the time to get to know us on a personal level. After just a few weeks I felt like I had known them for years and consider them good friends. At a later date, we plan on having Mike remodel our kitchen as well.

Diron and Delissa Keeling

From the moment I met with Mike for a bid on our bathroom remodel, I was impressed. His knowledge, attention to detail, thoroughness, and professionalism definitely caught my attention. He explained all of the work that was needed in great detail so I had a clear picture of all they would do.

After multiple bids I decided, without hesitation, to go with MHM Remodeling! Mike far exceeded my expectations. The whole remodel experience was painless; Mike’s focus was totally on our job, he kept me informed of everything during the process to ensure I was completely satisfied with the work, was always patient and willing to help me with construction, tile and fixture choices, kept the workspace clean, and best of all finished on time and on budget!

I would highly recommend MHM Remodeling! Mike’s skill, craftsmanship, and amazing customer service will not disappoint.

Linda Wiggins

Mike – Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My 2 bathrooms are so very
beautiful and I am enjoying them immensely! I finally moved into my
Italian inspired master bath and I can almost not bear to leave it. Your
work standards are fantastic. Knowing that what is behind the walls is
just as well put together as what’s on the outside was absolutely
critical for me. Being in the midst of working with multiple contractors
during this insurance claim left me extremely concerned when you came to
discuss doing this work. I had to watch over workers constantly to
ensure that the work being performed was done correctly. Having you come
in and do everything so beautifully was so very appreciated. Thanks so much to you and Nick
for your high and awesome standards. Thank you for doing what was
required EVERY time to ensure all work was done correctly to always meet
those standards. Thank you for all the advice and help you provided
during my ordeal. Thank you for being every bit as awesome as I
suspected you were when we first started this journey. Thank you both most of
all for taking the same care and quality you would had you been working
in your home. That just so rarely happens anymore. You are an artist and
and a craftsman and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the quality
of both yours and Nick’s work. Please feel free to use me as a reference. You would be
wise to do so as I am a major fan!!

Martha, Austin, TX

The time had come to finally bite the bullet and have the master bath remodeled. It had been delayed way too long. It’s a difficult task when trying to select the right contractor to do the work. Forest Gump summed it up when he said, “Life is like a box of chocolates; ya never know what you’re gonna get.” How true, but I believe we chose the right guy to tackle our project. Mike & Nick did an awesome job and the results speak for themselves. We are very pleased with the outcome and all the material selections came together to transform the space that seems lighter and more open. Mike and Nick are very meticulous about the quality of their work. It not only has to function properly, but also be pleasing to the eye. We will enjoy our new and massively improved bathroom for many years.

J & M

MHM Remodeling had remodeled our bathrooms to perfection. So we knew that when we wanted our kitchen remodeled, the only person to call was Mike @MHM. Since we knew first hand of the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail Mike demands of his work, it was a no brainer, and sure enough we were not disappointed. Mike and his helper Nick did an amazing job on our kitchen remodel. He listened to what we wanted and had some great input of his own that was welcomed due to his many years of experience and vast knowledge of all facets of remodeling. I think we worked well as a team, which any remodel should be. We also had to leave several times for different reasons and could completely trust Mike and Nick to put everything away and lock the house up. If there is a better remodeler in Austin or Texas for that matter, you would be hard pressed to find one better than Mike at MHM Remodeling.

Diron and Delissa Keeling

Mike Stathos is a man who stakes his reputation on his craftsmanship. He proudly overbuilds his showers so it will last; he’ll never have to come back and do a repair due to cutting corners. Mike works on one job at a time and devotes all his time, care and attention to that job. Our remodel took a little more than 5 weeks and he and Nick were here making progress every day, five days a week. When a new problem became apparent or something unexpected occurred, Mike kept me updated immediately. Remodeling is a balancing of aesthetics, durability, functionality and cost. I appreciated Mike’s directness and honesty and tempering my design decisions with his practical experience from his years of building showers. He was extremely generous with offering information and things to consider as I made design decisions. He’s done this for years and knows not only what works but what will stand up to repeated use. Mike took great care in all facets of the project, from the structure and foundation through the meticulous details of the layout and aesthetics. His main focus is a structurally sound and durable build out, yet he is meticulous on the layout and look of his workmanship. Mike takes great pride in what he builds. Mike is an Austin guy, born and raised, so he has an investment in doing it right. He does all the work, and the few things he doesn’t do, is done by other Austin professionals he trusts and have worked with for years. Mike doesn’t mark up the price on materials, but gives you his discount on what you buy; he makes his living solely on his time, labor and craft.

I highly recommend Mike Stathos; His combination of honesty, craftsmanship and experience is top notch.

Brian & Karen Johnson

I LOVE my beautiful little bathroom! From the first time I met Mike Stathos, I was impressed by his forthrightness and honesty. When going over my bathroom and the plan to gut it, Mike made clear the kinds of issues that might show up and choices that might have to be made. There were no surprises as a result. I made it clear to Mike that I didn’t want to have to go shopping for tile. He and I discussed the color scheme I had in mind and Mike went shopping! His choices were perfect and the end result breathtaking.

I appreciated that Mike passed on his discounts and there was no mark up on the materials. Mike provided a detailed accounting at the end of the job. It was great to see exactly how my money was spent. Things got cleaned up at the end of each day so I was never living in a destruction or construction zone. When there were choices to be made along the way, Mike always contacted me before going forward. I appreciated that. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Mike to do another job in the future. The quality of the work was unsurpassable!

Nancy P.

Whenever you decide to make a major purchase or do a major renovation to your home, sometimes doubt and anxiety creep into your mind before and shortly after your decision. The experience we had with Mike and Nick put us at ease as quickly as possible for such a major undertaking in our home. We feel that we got more than our monies worth on a major renovation to our master bathroom, which now in our opinion, is the shining star of our home. Mike and Nick did exactly what they told us they were going to do as far as working every day until the project was complete without disrupting our lives anymore than minimally. Our next door neighbor commented that she never heard them working and they were the cleanest contractors she had ever seen. Mike’s cost estimates and the actual expenditures were very close and the time estimated to complete the job was spot on. We have never had a better experience from any work ever done at any properties we’ve owned. We would highly recommend Mike as his work and professionalism is of the highest quality.

Becky & Jay Wright

Hey Mike – thanks again for the great remodel. Our review is below, and happy to be a reference if helpful:

Mike did a fantastic job remodeling our bathroom! He’s highly skilled, performed the majority of the work himself, and produced a bathroom our family is very happy with. Mike’s obsessed about quality and has an eye for design – both of which show in his work. He was on-site working and supervising every day, and remodeled our bathroom in only five weeks; much faster than the multi-month estimates we received from other remodelers. Mike has established relationships with various suppliers, and was able to refer us to a number of good places to pick out affordable, quality allowances (e.g., tiles, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, shower glass, etc.). Finally, Mike warranties his work for three years. I don’t think we’ll need it, but this beats other remodelers we’ve worked with in the past, and it’s nice to have.

R. Murr Austin, TX

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