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Crestview shower reno

Crestview shower renoHere’s our process for a shower pan that will last! Now when your looking for someone to remodel your shower you will know some of the questions to ask. Most importantly you will want more than a one year warranty on any shower pan installation.

1. start with a good sub-floor. Then use a good thinset to glue down your choice of cement board ( we used Durock). You will need to nail it off at every 8″.shower sub floor
2. Durock has been installed and the shower drain flange has been set.Durock installed

3. The next step is the pre-slope. Once the foundation is set with the backer material you are ready. There are many way’s to build a good pre-slope. We use a good bonding agent so the sand topping will stick to the Durock. You can also nail down metal lathe. The pre-slope is very important it will allow the water that reaches the liner to drain into the weep holes of your shower drain.shower pre slope

4. Next you will want to use a good PVC shower liner ( we used a Dal-Pan from Dal-Tile). After your liner is in you will want to install a .6 Mil plastic on the shower walls for a vapor/moisture barrier.pvc shower liner

5. When step 4 is complete you will be ready for the shower walls and curb. We used a Wedi preformed shower curb (curb over) for our shower renovation. Remember to never put nails or screws on the top or inside of the shower curb (this will cause a leak). You can use roofing nails on the outside to fasten the curb. The wall board we used is called Fiberock but there are other brands to choose from.

6. After all of your wall board has been installed it’s time to tape all the joints with seam tape. Once everything had been taped we floated all the joints and screw heads with a thinset mortar. You don’t want to ever use drywall mud in a shower.

7. After everything has dried it’s time to waterproof all the walls and out on to the shower floor. We will typically waterproof only 6″ out on to the shower floor.

8. Here is the completion of the tile work. We are now waiting for the glass surround. To see the final pictures with glass please go to the 2013 current projects page of our website we should have them up in about a week. We hope this shower pan information will help you when it’s time for your next bathroom remodeling project.Crestview shower reno

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