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Cleaning and Sealing your bathroom tile and grout.

Cleaning and sealing natural stone, marble, mosaic tiles and grout.

All natural stone tiles, marbles and mosaics must be treated properly so they keep their luster and decorative look for many years.

Sealers:  After installation, natural stone must be protected against stains and dirt by a sealing product.  There are different types of sealers:

Penetrating sealers, which do not change the stone color.

Color enhancer sealers, which give luster to the color of the stone.

The sealers must only be applied to the stone once a thorough cleaning of the stone surface has been made to make sure that no stain or dirt will be picked up by the sealer to stay on the stone.  Please refer to the sealer manufacturer’s instructions for additional information.

To Ensure that the sealer is right for your stone and your taste, always make a small test on a small clean dry surface of the stone.

Sealer for glass and metal:  Special sealers can be used for glass and metal.  Always use a soft cloth or soft sponge for application on glass or metal.  If the joint grouting has been made with epoxy glue or “carbonate”, it is not necessary to apply a sealer.  For glass tiles and for fast cleaning, please use on water to clean the tiles.

Cleaner:  When the stone installation is done and the sealer has been applied and in order to keep your natural stone as new as on the first day.  You can use specific cleaners for stone, marble, glass or metal.

pH8 Cleaner:  They are light alkalines, ready to use, with a soap base.  They can be used frequently to keep the brightness of the stone surface.  Do not use them for areas receiving direct sun light or hot areas.

pH9 / 10 Cleaners:  For dirty or stained areas.  These cleaners should not be used more than once a month.  They can be used for most products such as stone, marble, slate, quortzite.  After application, you must rinse the surface of the stone with clean soft water to remove all residues.

Cleaners for glass and metal:  Do not use abrasive or regular kitchen detergent or utensil.  Use only a soft cloth with clean water and soap.

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