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2011 Projects

Mr. & mrs Schaaf

Kitchen remodel. (Complete) Cost to complete Kitchen, half bath, entry, laundry room, and 2 dining rooms 54,000.00. Testimonial:
MHM Remodeling was recommended to us by a granite contractor. We called Mike Stathos, checked his website, were impressed with the pictures of his work and also learned one of our neighbors had used Mike’s services to remodel her master bath. She gave him a 5 star recommendation, So we met and hired Mike to, first, remodel our guest bathroom and if we liked it, then we would consider including the master bath/dressing room and kitchen areas. We have lived in our home since 1981 and this was our first major renovation, so knew we needed someone who was experienced and flexible enough to handle unexpected structural challenges as well as providing us with new facilities with a definite “WOW” factor. Mike promised that he and Nate would be here on time every day, work diligently, clean up daily and stay on our job full time and continuously until finished to our satisfaction. And they did! Mike is a perfectionist and demands the same high standards of his sub-contractors: cabinetry, granite, tile and floor installers. The guest bathroom was completed first-rate and definitely sold us on continuing with MHM. In fact, we added all the other areas, plus the foyer, half-bath, breakfast and laundry rooms to the list. The new master bath includes one of the classiest new walk-in showers you will ever see. We weren’t sure to what extent we wanted our kitchen remodeled. Mike suggested options and improvements, led us through our doubts and produced a beautiful result. Check the granite rainforest counter tops,back splashes and beautiful new custom-built cabinets in the picture section. Wow! Mike is an expert plumber, electrician and carpenter – he does it all! He rebuilt our substandard bath floors and walls before adding his touch for a gorgeous result. He removed a wall and raised a ceiling to open the kitchen. We are very pleased. Everyone involved in our project, which took more than three months, was professional and provided us top quality work. If you want a confident, proficient professional, call Mike Stathos and give him the opportunity to make you happy with your remodeling project.

Jerry and Judy Schaaf

MR. & Mrs. Schaaf

Master bathroom renovation cost to complete 20,000.00.

Mr. & Mrs. Schaff

Hall bathroom renovation cost to complete 14,000.00.

Jenn Otto

Master bathroom renovation ( cost to complete $25,351.15). Testimonial: We contacted MHM Remodeling when we became aware that our master bathroom needed some attention. Mike was just one of the contractors we contacted to get an estimate on the bathroom. The only area which all the contractors were similar was in the estimate. We selected Mike for a variety of reasons; the main reason was we perceived a great deal of pride in his work. We were not disappointed. Mike and his partner Nate were professional, dedicated, hard working, all the qualities that one would hope to find in a contractor. But Mike and Nate also had other qualities not seen often in contractors. For example, early in our job, Mike discovered a large, wet sink hole near the tub drain. Mike did not hesitate to inform me of this issue. We were able to get someone out to look at it the next day and no major issues were discovered, but Mike didn’t have to alert us to this issue. If there was a major concern with our slab, it could have delayed the job for months, but Mike was concerned about our house, not the potential delay. Later in the job, Mike laid the shower floor tile and was not happy with the way it looked. It was a square tile and our walls were not square. It looked off. He brought it to our attention and we decided to select a new tile and remove the square tile. Mike brought this to our attention because he wanted it to be perfect. These two situations help to exemplify Mike’s character. The work he completed in our bathroom was perfect. He was a great resource in finding correct materials and was very knowledgeable of all aspects of the job to be completed. Each day, he left our house clean and made sure that our house was safe for our three curious kids. He kept us informed on the progress of the job and what was coming next. Overall, we were extremely pleased with our decision to go with MHM Remodeling. It was a pleasure to work with Mike and Nate and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Jenn and Traci

Jake A.

Master bathroom remodel. (complete) Pricing for this project will be posted soon…..

Mr. & Mrs. Young

Complete master bathroom renovation. (cost to complete $20,750.00) Testimonial: Our bathroom is awesome and we absolutely love it! Mike’s quality of workmanship and attention to detail are unmatched. MHM truly cares about your project and will do everything possible to ensure that your expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Mike was a big help in planning our project and ensuring there were no surprises for us. He kept in constant communication on all issues, big and small, and made sure we came in under budget. We could not be happier with our bathroom and definitely recommend Mike and team!

Dale Young.

Judy Johnson

(Job complete) master bathroom renovation. St. celcelia granite, SA-52 feature, 12×12 PT-95, all tile chosen from Daltile. cost to complete 23,000.00. Testimonial: If you are looking for someone to handle your bathroom remodel, stop wasting time calling different contractors and getting numerous bids like I did and just go ahead and hire Mike Stathos with MHM Remodeling to do the job!

Mike did a fabulous job on our master bathroom coming in on time and under budget. Mike has an eye for what will work well in your particular circumstance both from a functional as well as esthetic perspective and is extremely conscientious about getting even the smallest details right. That was very helpful to me since I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. His suggestions were excellent and I am extremely happy with the end result. He doesn’t mark up the price of materials and gives you all the receipts so you can have the comfort of knowing that you got what you paid for. On top of all this I would say the greatest benefit to hiring MHM is that not only do they do it all, they do it all so well! This includes the design work, the plumbing, carpentry, tile, painting and all the finish work. As a result, you don’t have different workers coming into your house every day or end up having to wait because a sub is tied up on another job. Mike is totally trust worthy so I felt comfortable having him work in my home even when I wasn’t there. Bottom line is Mike is a skilled craftsman that cares about making his customer happy with his work not only immediately following job completion but for years afterward. I would have zero hesitation in recommending Mike to anyone and without a doubt will call him back for any remodels that I might have in the future.

Judy Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Harris 2nd bathroom

Shower bathroom remodel of 1940’s home complete gut job. (Cost to complete $13,705.40)

D.W. Swinney Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen renovation (Cost to complete $6,950.00) Testimonial: I have used MHM for several projects and found myself in possession of extra granite after having my bathroom remodeled. Therefore, I asked Mike if he thought there was enough left to do my kitchen surfaces. He measured and found that we had enough, so we scheduled the job and from beginning to end the job lasted only 4 days. They did their usual excellent job, so I’m thinking of remodeling my other bathroom. The only company I trust with my home is MHM, so I’ll be calling Mike again when I decide what I want to do next.

Mrs. Manaitis (Hall bath renovation)

Hall bathroom renovation:(Cost to complete 13,988.30) Testimonial: MHM Remodeling did an excellent job completing a 2nd story hallway bathroom renovation project for us. This renovation project was initiated due to a slow leak in the bathroom that was caused by the builder’s poor workmanship. Unfortunately, the builder’s short warranty has already expired when the leak manifested itself. So MHM Remodeling’s three year warranty was very appealing to me.

Mike and his team came into the project after it was started by a contractor that could not finish the job. He reviewed the work that was completed by the previous contractor and corrected the work that would negatively impact the quality of the final product. He even improved on the floor framing that the builder had installed!

Dave, the tile guy, did an excellent job with tiling the shower and the bathroom floor! One can easily see the pride that he has in his tile work. He even went the extra mile and sealed the grout for us.

Overall my experience with MHM Remodeling is very positive. They are on-time and stays with their committed schedule. Their workmanship is top quality. Their three year warranty will definitely help me to sleep better at night! I would definitely hire MHM Remodeling for my next bathroom remodeling project.

Amy Maniatis. Austin, TX

Mrs. Hoelzer

Complete master bathroom renovation. (Cost to complete $21,312.91) Testimonial: I now have a luxurious custom bathroom in my home thanks to MHM Remodeling/Mike Stathos! My project was completed on time, even though we added painting a very large adjoining bedroom/ceiling to the project.

Mike was in constant communication with me during the 4-week project and worked through issues that stemmed from original construction. He went above and beyond to ensure that the finished project was perfect. His attention to detail and very high quality work shows in every aspect of the finished bathroom. David Smith’s tiling skills make the bath, shower and floor a work of art. Definitely Tile King!

The greatest compliment and testimony one can give a vendor is to refer them to friends – and I have done that twice!

Thank you, Barb Hoelzer

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